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Friday, August 22, 2014

Hi friends

Since I could not archive most of my news stories, features and oped articles published in The Hindu from Nov 20, 2012, to Aug 14, 2014 — in this particular blog, I am seriously considering some friends' suggestion to post the same here for a referal archive which could benefit the students of journalism and those interested in knowing about the Kashmir conflict. I am sure you will realize it as the most objective reporting as those familiar with my journalism know it well that I have never taken sides, never demonized or glorified individuals, institutions or ideologies according to my personal likes or dislikes. During the years when most of my esteemed colleagues got carried away or were taken for a ride by different stakeholders or State and non-State actors of violence, I stood clear of SARKARI and TEHREEKI journalism.

I take it as an honour that over 1,31,000 readers accessed this blog in a short span of time despite my inability to update it regularly in the last two years.

Great regards

Ahmed Ali Fayyaz